IPL or Intensed Pulsed Light is the latest technology for hair removal, it works in a similar way to laser hair removal but uses a high intensity light to remove the hair as compared to a laser.

IPL hair removal treatments can be used by both men & women, like wise it can be used to treat most parts of the body & face. IPL hair removal treatments are a great way to get rid of unwanted hair.

IPL permanent hair removal is carried out without anesthesia & is a painless & non-invasive procedure which is relatively quick to administer with long lasting results.

There are many advantages for using IPL for the removal of unwanted hair, here are just a few that we thought that we would highlight:

  • You can achieve a permanent reduction in hair growth
  • More cost effective than standard laser hair removal
  • Relatively pain free
  • Easy & Safe with relatively no discomfort.
Bikini Basic (45 mins)€50.00
Brazilian (45 mins)€110.00
Buttocks (60 mins)€60.00
Cali (30 mins)€90.00
Centre Brow (30 mins)€40.00
Cheeks (30 mins)€40.00
Chest (60 mins)€55.00
Chin & Jawline (45 mins)€70.00
Chin (45 mins)€40.00
Ext Bikini (45 mins)€70.00
Fingers/ Toes (30 mins)€400.00
Full arm (60 mins)€140.00
Full Face (45 mins)€120.00
Full Leg & Bikini (90 mins)€260.00
Full Leg (60 mins)€199.00
Lip & Chin (45 min)€60.00
Lip (45 min)€40.00
Lower & Upper Abdomen (45 min)€99.00
Lower Abdomen (45 mins)€80.00
Lower Arms (30 mins)€90.00
Naval Line (30 mins)€45.00
Neck (40 mins)€90.00
Nipples (30 mins)€45.00
Side of Face (40 mins)€400.00
2 areas on Face (45 mins)€70.00
Underarm (30 mins)€50.00
Upper Arm (30 mins)€70.00
Upper Leg (45 mins)€165.00