Mens Treatments

Men’s Tinting

Eyebrow Wax / Eyebrow Tint / Eyelash Tint – €41.00
Eyelash Tint – €22.00
Eyebrow Tint & Shape – €30.00
Eyebrow Thread – €16.00
Eyebrow Tint & Thread – €31.00

Men’s Packages


A gents manicure will start to prepare you for the Big day. Followed by a Full Body Deep Tissue Massage, to help ease any last minute nerves. (1hr 30mins) €90


Balance and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with a deep tissue full body massage to relieve those aches and pains. Followed by a deep acting Microdermabrasion face and neck treatment which revitalises dull lifeless complexions and is excellent for ingrown hairs. Then to top it all off you will enjoy an executive manicure.
(2hrs 30mins) €200

Men’s Nails


Your Hands will be soaked in conditioning creams, nails are clipped and filed, cuticles are trimmed before a massage to soften the hands.



Your feet are soaked in conditioning creams, exfoliated, cuticles are trimmed, nails are clipped and filed and a massage to soften the skin.



This amazing treatment removes rough, hard, cracked skin and calluses from the feet to leave you with baby soft feet. It works in almost the same principle as face peels using AHA products. If we can have face peels, why not foot peels?


€75.00 (With Pedicure)

Men’s Massages

deep tissue massage

Tailored to your needs, whether its the aftermath of golf, football or rugby or if you just want to relax!

Back Massage €55.00

Full Body €75.00


A massage that involves stroking and kneading the soft tissues to induce relaxation and aid the natural function of the muscles to remove toxins and lactic acid that can make you feel sore and tense.

Back Massage €50.00
Full Body €70.00


This massage was first used by the ancient Chinese and Egyptians. The fragrant healing properties of the oils are absorbed through the skin.

Back Massage €55.00
Full Body €75.00


A massage to relieve you of all stress focusing on the shoulders, neck and head.

30 Mins – €60.00


The timeless healing technique combines massage with the thermogenic benefits of heated basalt stones, excellent for recurring muscle tension.

Back Massage €55.00
(Relaxing) Full Body €80.00
(Deep) Full Body €90.00


Reflexology is a natural drug free way to balance vital organs. A unique pressure point massage that works on ‘Reflex’ zones in the foot including back massage.


This induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and balance in the ears and sinuses. Helpful for earache, headaches, ear noise and build up of ear wax. Great for those frequent flyers too!


Men’s Facial


Also known as ‘The Red Carpet Facial’ in its hometown Los Angeles, used by celebrities like Mattew McConaughey, Robyn Thicke, Ryan Seacrest and Will Smith.

iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial is a intensive medi-facial clinically formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients (Glycolic Acid, Retinol & Hyaluronic Acid). Designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reduce fine lines, address problematic skin and encourage cellular renewal.

Face (60 mins) – €99.00
Face & Neck (60 mins) – €115.00


A deep cleansing facial specifically designed for an active man. Microdermabrasion is used to exfoliate the dead skin cells, a facial mask is used to nourish the skin and a shoulder neck and scalp massage to relax! Also great for Ingrown hairs.

Face €95.00
Face and Neck (1hr) – €110.00



A customised signature facial

An exclusive Guinot treatment using galvanic and high frequency electrotherapy. Ionised gels are tailored to treat your individual skin type and concerns.

(75mins) €80.00

‘The Non Surgical Face Lift’

Brings youthfulness and renewed tone by using a stimulating microcurrent to ‘exercise’ facial muscles. In the same way that body muscles are ‘sculpted’ at a gym. This treatment adds a remarkable ‘lift effect’ to the face after just a few sessions!

Hydradermie Lift (1 hr) €80.00
Hydradermie Lift Eyes (45mins) €50.00
Hydradermie Lift Deluxe (90mins) €140.00

‘The firming treatment’

Boosts the youthful appearance of the face using Pro-Collagen and a thermal setting mask.

Face (1 hour) €80.00

‘Relaxation treatment’

Holistic radiance-enhancing facial using essential oils and plant extracts.

Face 60mins €80


The Hydra Clean facial gives you glowing skin in 45 minutes along with deep cleansing, deep hydration and increased radiance.

45 Mins – €55.00


(For men with beards please shave at least 4 hours prior to treatment)
All Decleor facials include a complimentary luxurious back and head massage.

Deep acting facials which revitalises dull, lifeless complexions.
A gentle yet effective way to remove painful and unsightly ingrown hairs caused by shaving.

Decleor Aromaplasty Facial

This 100% natural radiant treatment suits all skin types.
(1 hour 15 mins) – €75.00

Decleor Nutrivital

Helps to oxygenate and stimulate dull skin.
(1 hour 15 mins) – €78.00

Decleor Harmony Extreme

This specific treatment calms and soothes even the most hypersensitive skin.
(1hr 15mins) – €80.00

Decleor Evidence

This advanced facial promises to take your skin on a journey of total renewal and vitality.
(1hr 15mins) – €80.00

Decleor Aroma Radiance

Lightens pigmentation marks, brightens the complexion and restores luminosity.
(1hr 15mins) – €80.00

Decleor Soin Regulateur

A therapeutic deep cleansing facial specifically prescribed for congested oil-rich skins.
(1hr 15mins) – €80.00

Decleor Delice Du Peau

The essential oils act like a meal to nourish very dry, dull skins, giving back that glowing complexion.
(1hr 15mins) – €80.00

Decleor Liss’age

Which means to smooth age is to treat mature skin from 40. This mask is bursting with active ingredients to provide a triple action wrinkle correction.
(1hr 15mins) – €80.00

Decleor Hydra Force

This vitamin based treatment is excellent for dehydrated skin in need of nourishment & radiance.
(1hr 15mins) – €80.00

Decleor Mini Facial

Radiant glow treatment.

(45mins) – €55.00


Jet Peel exfoliates, hydrates and oxygenates your skin in a safe, effective and soothing way, using air instead of needles. It uses pressure, saline and vitamins at supersonic speed to peel the superficial layers of the skin leaving it hydrated and lifted.

€100.00 with Saline only
€120.00 Saline and Vitamin Treatment

All our Facials are available for men but above are the most popular.`


Treat your back to this specifically designed treatment for men. This treatment starts with an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, a heated mask to nourish the skin and a deep moisturisation to heal this hard to treat area of the body.

Men’s Waxing

Pay for 5 treatments and get the 6th for free

Back Wax €40.00
Back & Shoulders €45.00
Shoulders €25.00
Chest Wax €35.00
Chest & Abdomen €45.00
Chest, Abdomen & Shoulders €55.00
Chest & Shoulders €40.00
Back, Shoulders & Chest €50.00
Full Leg Wax €43.00
Half Leg €25.00
Nasal (A quick and addictive wax. You will never need to use a nose clippers again) €12.00
Ears €12.00
Nasal & Ears €20.00
Eyebrow, Nasal & Ears €30.00
Eyebrow Shape and Tint €30.00
Eyebrow Shape €15.00
Eyebrow Wax (Say no to the mono-brow! Brows are waxed into a neat but natural style) €16.00
Eyebrow Thread €16.00
Eyebrow Tint €15.00

A 48 hour patch test is required prior to this treatment.

Men’s HD Eyebrows

Tidy those unruly eyebrows with a HD brow treatment. The 7 step technique to the perfect brows!!!

For men, we tint briefly (if necessary) so it’s not obvious that they’ve been tinted. We then wax the brow area above and below the brow line. We move on to threading then to remove any velous hair from above the brow line as far as the hairline. We then tweeze any unruly hairs in the natural brow to leave you with perfectly trimmed and shaped eyebrows without a sign of a stray hair or uni brow in sight!!

A 48 hour patch test is required prior to this treatment.

Only €50.00
HD Brow Top Up €35


Brow Tint – €15.00
Brow Wax – €16.00
Brow Tint and Shape – €30.00
Brow Tint and Thread – €31.00



Men’s Tanning

Full Body St Tropez Tan – €35.00

Full Body Bellamianta Tan – €35.00

Half Body St Tropez/Bellamianta Tan – €25.00

Vita Liberata Full Body – €40.00

Full Body USA Tan – €15.00

No More Ruining the Bed Sheets!!
Full Body St Tropez Express – €40.00 (Shower after 1-3 Hours)