Skin Rejuvenation


What does the Skin Rejuvenation Treatment involve at In Vogue Blackrock?

First a cool gel is applied to the skin.

The IPL head is placed onto the skin delivering intense pulse lights to the area being treated. Light passes through the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue with the aim to diminish vessels and pigmentation spots. The targeted lesion absorbs the light which is turned into heat and eliminates the targeted area of concern.

After all areas are treated there will be cooling pads applied to the area treated.

Smaller Pigmentation spots may be treated in 1-2 treatments however medium to larger lesions will take more. This treatment can be carried out on a specific area of concern or on a full face. This treatment will help to boost collagen production and create an even skin tone.

Are there any side effects?

The skin will turn pink and slightly sore immediately after the procedure. There will be a slight sunburn sensation (peeling, redness, swelling) this may last up to a few days after the treatment.

Pigmentation (freckles, age spots) will appear darker before flaking off.

Point to note

Sun exposure must be avoided for weeks before and after treatments.
SPF must be worn on the area being treated daily
A patch test is required for this treatment.

Results and benefits can vary with each individual. Therefore we can not guarantee specific results.


IPL skin blackrock

Per Session€190
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