Red Veins

Skin Tags are small warts most commonly found on the neck, chest, underarm, bikini and the bust line. It can treated by Diathermy.

Red Veins are broken capillaries caused by environmental damage and pollutants and is treated by Diathermy.


Diathermy coagulation does not use a laser. Therefore, the use of excessive exposure to light does not occur. Instead a very fine needle is used to isolate each vein or capillary and to cut off the blood flow so that it is no longer visible through the skin.

We use a little thin disposable Sterex needle to puncture the area being treated. The electrical current will then drain out all the blood and fluid. If it is a capillary, then the vein will be dried up and no longer visible. If it is a wart, mole or skin tag, it will shrivel up, scab, and essentially just fall off. You can use concentrated vitamin C and E to speed up the scab healing process. It is important to stay out of the sun during this time so it can heal properly.

30 mins€50.00
60 mins€85.00