Phi Brow

Phi brows areunlike anything you have seen before…

We are delighted to announce that at In Vogue we are offering Phi Brows.

Longer lasting than a beautician’s treatment but less permanent than a tattoo, the Phi Brow  treatment creates perfect eyebrows that last 12-18 months. To achieve this, thin hair strokes are drawn in the brow using a unique hand-held tool. This mimics each individual brow hair with precision and gives a look that is both defined yet natural in appearance.

This procedure can be used to thicken and/or darken your existing eyebrows but because of the highly realistic nature of the hair strokes it is also ideal for clients with little or no real eyebrow hair. Perfect for those who have over plucked or lost their brows through age/hormonal changes. Phi Brow is ideal for alopecia sufferers and cancer patients. Cancer patients will need a doctors consult first and is best to get this tretament done before chemo.

eyebrow embroidery blackrock dublin

The Phi Brow procedure can completely change the structure and appearance of your face. Well-shaped eyebrows have been proven to refine the shape of the face, open and lift the eyes and give a fresher, more youthful appearance overall.
Many of our clients say their lives have been changed by the confidence their new brows give them. Not to mention the time saved struggling with brow products each morning!
Check out the images below to see our amazing before and after images!

Top Ups€180

48hr Patch Test Needed

embroidery brows blackrock dublin
embroidery brow blackrock dublin
eyebrow embroidery blackrock dublin
eyebrow embroidery blackrock dublin