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Image is an evidence based clinical skincare company created by a plastic Surgeon and his wife who is an Aesthetition.It is one of the most innovative brands in the industry supplying to 52 countries worldwide.Their skincare consistently produces the latest anti-ageging, hydrating, balancing and illuminating technologies while being cruelty free.

This revolutionary 4 layer peel will change the apperance of your skin. Rejuvinate your skin with high doses of Vitamen C while glycolic and highly active enzymes speed up cell turnover leaving your skin feeling and looking tighter and brighter.This is an ideal facial for someone who gets regular facials but wants something more.For optimum results a course of facials is reccomended.

The facial will begin with a double cleanse your therapist will then prep the skin to ensure all excess oils are removed, this is then followed by the 4 layer peel infused with vitamens, glycolic and enzymes. There may be a slight tingling sensation while the peel is on. Your Beauty Therapist will then remove the peel with cool water the soothe any tingling. The facial will end withh the application of a serum, eye creme and SPF. You will then be told of after care advice and given a skincare kit to use for the week after the facial all included in the price


SPF must be worn daily

Do not touch the skin for 24 hours after

no exfoliating for days before or after the peel

You must avoid direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after the peel

IMAGE Be Clear Purifying Facial€90
IMAGE Max Stem Cell Facial€110
IMAGE Ormedic€85
IMAGE Signature Lift€85

Image Skincare Signature Lift